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How well does it fail?

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Now when we look at new things added to HMTL, new features, new browser APIs, what we tend to ask, of course, is: how well does it work?.
(...) That’s an excellent question to ask (...). But I don’t think it’s the most important question. I think it’s just as important to ask: how well does it fail? Jeremy Keith, on Evaluating Technology

I just found out that my adBlocker also has an option for disabling all JS on a site:
adBlocker screenshot

And that made me think about what master Keith said in one of his talks. So I went ahead and checked out some popular sites to see how well these would fail.

Some of the results might seem obvious, some not so much. I think it is a great exercise, to see these sites without JS enabled, because you get to see how great teams dealt with failing well. In some cases, a small design choice makes the page hold up, in others, a completely different site is served. I encourage you to try it out!

Let's see some examples:

YouTube without JS

Twitter without JS

Dev without JS

Google without JS

So let's play a game! Dive into the web, and look for interesting sites and see how they approach a JS-less world. I'd love it if you would post your findings as well!

Disclaimer: this is just for fun. No need to indulge in why js matters discussions, it's not the point here.

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