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Android Animations Using Lottie

Pabi Moloi, but Forbes on March 06, 2019

Animations, Differently I have written two blog posts based on my (first ever) talk about Android Animations. Little did I know that two...
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Cameron Lepper

Awesome, thank you!

I used Lottie for the first time just before Christmas. I was developing my application in Xamarin for iOS and Android. I was amazed at the simplicity of implementation; I had previously spent the best part of a day trying to important animations frame-by-frame - yuck! Ended up scrapping it, and only stumbled across Lottie later by chance.

This is such a useful post, I'm not an app developer by any stretch, but Lottie was definitely the easiest way to incorporate nice splash animations to applications that I came across in my brief dabble - I wish I had come across it earlier than I did.