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re: What about your Gatsby build and deploy time? Is it fast enough?

I had that listed as a con when I started to write this up, but then removed it. I tried to compare build times with and without the CMS, but couldn't draw any definite conclusions. Since I use both image processing and fetching external data during build, I don't now how much slowness is added by Netlify CMS.

Anyway, currently Netlify says: "Build time: 3m 38s. Total deploy time: 4m 45s"


Compared to my Hugo website with about 500 markdown posts (only article text without images), it only takes 1 minutes to build and deploy. By the way, thanks for your build and deploy times info.

I use Hugo for my own blog and the build times were definitively my first initial negative reaction with Gatsby. I find Gatsby's tagline, "Fast in every way that matters", to be false, but I still like it. I also recently added image processing to my Hugo site and saw build time increase drastically, though still a lot quicker than Gatsby 🤷‍♂️

Thanks for reference.

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