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[EN] The secret repo of GitHub ?

Many know this trick, but many do not use it! Why ?!

We go from a basic Github profile (not pretty 😒) to a profile like this 🤩:

Image description

How to achieve it?

Very simple !

(You will find all the necessary links to continue below the explanations)

All you have to do is create a repository that will bear the name of your GitHub nickname! (You will even get a little message indicating that you have found the secret deposit 🤫)

You succeed ? Perfect !
We then continue.

Now everything will happen in your README. If you go there, you can see that it is already pre-configured.
But you're going to say to me: "Is that all you have for us?!"

And no, because the magic will operate here!
A gentleman by the name of Rahul Jain will make our task easier!

He automated everything for us!
You will be able to put your information and everything you want to put and then download your own README to put on your repo! Nice isn't it?!

The link to make your Repo: Here

If you want to find out more about all this, Guillaume Reygner, who writes a lot of articles, has one on the subject right here!

If you don't like the rendering and you don't have an idea, here is a repository with templates.

If you liked this article and/or want to contribute to it, leave a comment/like!

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