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Discussion on: Let's chat about pair programming

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Derek Rosenzweig

Got any tips for pair programming when not in the same physical space? IE one or both are working remotely? I know we can use video conferencing software and some of those allow for one person to take over the mouse/keyboard of someone sharing their screen, but beyond that?

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Justin Schoen Author

Thanks for reading!

Hmm... I haven't had experience with it so I can't offer up much advice. What I will say is that you need to keep communication sharp and keep each other engaged. I imagine it would be easy to let your mind wander and get distracted if you aren't the one typing. I think it would benefit both of you if you talk out your plan and design before writing any code so you both know the direction to take. I hope this helps! Good luck.

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There are a whole bunch of good recommendations on remote work and pairing here:

My personal preference is to use tmux/vim and a video chat. If you're not into that tooling, I just learned about a cool-sounding tool for Atom.