re: Sorry, who was dangerous here? I didn't say anyone here was specifically dangerous. I'm referring to, but it's not limited to, the people that ha...

This might be relevant: I don't use twitter for much of the reasons I outlined wrt to online communities, mental health, etc so I only read through the 'factual account' that was linked. Did you notice that the 'proof' everybody knows OK is a white power gesture are Google searches and tweets?! I use something like that gesture all the time, estimating 0 points, how is dinner going, I am okay, etc.

I couldn't see much hate. There were some made-up ideas about gestures and some insinuations and and an outright claim of people being white supremacists (couldn't find proof on this), some things about not using colloquialisms like "crazy" and then an idea that you need to police the entire community if you are to win the approval of some people.

To me it read like drama. Something you might see from high schoolers to be honest - but as I said I just have the document.

On intent vs impact sometimes you might want to change due to your not being received with the intent you had but it is only possible if people tell you. There can't really be a concrete rule here as individuals can take offense at pretty much anything they want, I think there can certainly be norms though.

I've read a bunch of black authors, feminist authors and so on and there doesn't appear to be a universal approach to remedying things or even a shared reason or experience. If there were, there would be one go-to book. If you think that by reading a book you would just have the same views on this topic as you do I think that's unfortunate. I'm not sure how if a community has different ideas that we should have one, unified one. You can believe someone's experience, empathise with them and then still disagree with their reading of a situation or their reaction. Therapists essentially do this.

As I originally said it seems this escalated due to attacks going both ways. She accused someone of being a white supremacist (amongst other things) with absolutely no reason to do so. I'm not sure what was expected after that. I'm sure she has received a heavy dose of negativity and that is gross, but my original point was really that the whole thing just reads like manufactured drama which is separate from the real issues she might face every other day. If she turned off twitter I feel her life might be a lot better.

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