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Discussion on: Is there such thing as a truly free cloud database?

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Ozan Bolel • Edited on

I have two suggestions. You can go with Prismic since you don't need a complex database structure as far as I understand. But, if you want more control over what you do, you can use MongoDB Atlas. Both have generous quotas for free tier.

You can look at: Using Prismic with Next.js.

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Micah Lindley Author

Thanks so much! I'll definitely check those out!

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enquibe • Edited on

Remember to verify if the service offers a write API. At the moment, Prismic doesn't. However, there are other API based CMSs, like Storyblok, which do.

Good luck!

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Downfall of MongoDB Atlas, is there is no backup, unless you pay.