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Started with good old Python2.7.

My first program was:

print "Hello, World!"

First started with Racket (a Scheme dialect) more than 15 years ago, though I couldn't write a line of code in it today if my life depended on it without having the documentation to look through.

The first time I did any even remotely serious coding though (that is, coding for reasons other than just trying to learn how computers work) was about 10 years ago when I first learned Lua, C, AVR assembly, MSP430 assembly, and then finally Python (in that order, over the course of about 6 months).


JavaScript and PHP were technically the first programming languages I played with, but didn't fully understand and was just copying and pasting snippets I found online as I was only a child and only had a very basic understanding of web design.

The first programming language I was formally taught was Visual Basic in school. At university, the first language we used was Arduino C++.


It would have been a very minimalist implementation of BASIC. I'm not even sure it supported GOSUB.


I started with Pascal in high-school!

write ('Hello world!')


I was around 15 when I decided I wanted to be a video game dev, I had a friend in college that had dev lessons. I asked to get his notes and started with Pascal (quickly switched to C).


Locomotive BASIC, back in the 80's, but I then didn't program for nearly 20 years. In 2008 I learned Python.


In my case it was Javascript and PHP. That was almost 18 years ago.


My first 2 languages were C and assembly.
I really wanted to become some kind of hardware engineer so I started by learning how the iron works.

At the end I become a web developer.


My first program was :
cout<<"Hello World";
Can you detect the language πŸ˜‰


Technically Python 2 was the first I wrote code with, but the first language I actually learnt was

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