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I believe the first computer I ever used was an original Mac.

We had one in our house for a while when I was younger. When my parents split up we all of a sudden had no computers in the house for quite a while. I feel like I would have been faster into the tech game if we'd always had computers. 😋

The cult of Steve Jobs appealed to my parents who were buddhists and part of the hippy generation. I think that's why we always were an Apple house whenever we had computers.


It was a self-assembled Apple ][+ clone with 64kB main memory (Yeah!) and a 120kB disk drive (Double yeah!). I used it for at least five years.
My final project was a Bulletin Board System written in Applesoft Basic.


IBM PCjr, with dual cartridge PLUS 5 1/4" drive. I was always jealous of my friends Commodore 64's because there were more games available for them. I remember going to Egghead Software and searching their shelves for games compatible with the PCjr.

I did try typing in programs from magazines, but they never worked and I didn't understand programming well enough at the time to be able to debug it (hours of work for nothing).


Don't remember the first used, but the first computer we had at home was a Cyrix 586 with 8mb in ram and an 800mb HDD. I remember the first time we started it, the win95 splash screen and the sound chimes. Wow.


A 386 PC, running DOS and at some point Windows 3.11
Learning DOS was so great because it gave me foundations for stuff that still works the same way to this day (like the file system, directory structure, etc.)


Pentium III, 128 MB of RAM with 60 GB Hard Disk Space.


An IBM clone with a 5 1/4" floppy drive and CGA graphics. Four whole colors!


Probably the Binatone TV Master Mk IV - but I guess that was more of a games console. First real home computer was a ZX Spectrum 48K


Celeron, 128 MB of RAM with 60 GB Hard Disk Space with floppy disk :)


1987 - Atari STFM

then in 1989 I had 3 Atari TT030s' one of which was still working about 8 years ago where I would flesh out things quickly in DynaCAD. Way way faster than anything else. Nowadays I grab old projects under NoSTalgia on a MAC, for export to Sketchup Pro. Not a fan of what Trimble are doing to that, so I may write my own CAD module for Blender.


I'm 30 years old. Currently, I'm a Product Engineer. My first computer was a CCE(Brazilian company) computer, with a Linux distro(Satux), around 2009. Yeah, I join to TI area a little late.


Commodore Pet, in 1978 while on a summer camp between primary and secondary school :)



First computer ever used was an old Compaq with a Celeron CPU and maybe 512mb of ram. It ran minesweeper pretty well.


a MSX2, 128 kB RAM and an (external) cassette tape for storage!
playing with Basic


A Commodore VIC-20 with a Datasette drive. Hours and hours of typing code from magazines...


An 8K IBM 1401; Autocoder (assembler with macros: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autocoder) and a 27-pass (tape) Fortran compiler (youtube.com/watch?v=uFQ3sajIdaM).


Pentium III 850 mHz, 128MB Ram, 40GB HDD, 16MB onboard VGA


The first computer I ever really used was a brand new TRS-80 that my dad bought.


The first real computer I used to work with was a PC with Intel 486 CPU and 8 megabytes of RAM and a 1 GB hard drive. The floppy drive was large and a CRT 14-inch monitor. 🤔