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What Project Are You Working On?

Oyetoke Toby
Just a software engineer trying to make ends meet. My passion for Python and JavaScript is nothing to compare.
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Johannes Vollmer

I just built a node-based editor for regular expressions and I am currently writing a post about that. If you want to know something about this project, let me know!

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Obikoya Emmanuel

I am interested in the project

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Johannes Vollmer • Edited

Great! If you have feedback or if you want to know specific aspects, let me know :)

You can also add issues:

GitHub logo johannesvollmer / regex-nodes

Visualize and edit regular expressions for use in javascript

Regex Nodes

This node-based regular expression editor helps you understanding and editing regular expressions for use in Javascript If your regular expressions are complex enough to give this editor relevance you probably shouldn't use regular expressions, haha.

Why Nodes?

One of the problems with regular expressions is that they get quite messy very quickly. Operator precedence is not always obvious and can be misleading Nodes are a visual hierarchy in contrast to a line of text, which cannot simply be broken into several lines or indented, because that would alter the meaning of the expression. Nodes can be rearranged however you like.

Also, Nodes offer various other advantages, such as reusing, grouping and parameterizing expressions, and automatic optimizations.

Core Features

  • Construct regular expressions using a visual editor
  • Load existing regular expressions as Node graph for easier analyzing and visualization
  • Use the generated expression in Javascript
  • See effects of the regular…
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Lisa Cee

I am making a React app that pulls its data from the MovieDB API. I'm planning on putting it in my portfolio, which I'm trying to flesh out. I've got to keep working on projects while I search for my first dev job so that I don't forget how to do EVERYTHING.

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Akash Kava

I have built Web Atoms. This was built in 2010 when there were no frameworks, but never had chance to promote it actively, but our business network portal for hollywood is built on it.

Web Atoms is powerful MVVM JavaScript framework completely written in TypeScript, which can be extended to any other platforms. Currently supported on Web and Xamarin.Forms

Dive into samples

GitHub logo neurospeech / web-atoms-core

An Advanced MVVM Framework for JavaScript in Web and Xamarin.Forms

Build Status


Web-Atoms Core

Web Atoms Core is a UI abstraction framework along with powerful MVVM pattern to design modern web and mobile applications.


  1. Abstract Atom Component
  2. Abstract Device API (Browser Service, Message Broadcast)
  3. Theme and styles support without CSS
  4. One time, One way and Two way binding support
  5. Simple dependency Injection
  6. In built simple unit testing framework
  7. CommonJS module support
  8. Full featured MVVM Framework with powerful validation
  9. Single code base for Business Logic (View Model + Services) for Web as well as Mobile (through Xamarin.Forms)

Folder structure

  1. All views for web must be placed under "web" folder inside "src" folder.
  2. All views for Xamarin Forms must be placed under "xf" folder inside "src" folder.

Example folder structure

|  +--AddButton.svg
|  +--TaskListViewModel.ts
|  +--TaskEditorViewModel.ts
|  +--tasks
|     +--TaskListView.html
|     +--TaskEditorView.html

Example View Model

export class UserListViewModel extends AtomViewModel {
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Akshay Dongare

Am working in companies one of internal project though my role is devolper I have to do support work also with some developing in Spring and JQuery not very interested stuff to do so thinking of starting to contribute to open source projects on GitHub.

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Amit Patel • Edited

I am in techno commercial role, so work on multiple projects.

  1. Architect an analytic application which will record billions of timeseries data everyday. I am working on such a scale first time.

  2. Architect custom CMS (secure, lean, reusable and flexible) to quickly build dynamic marketing websites for businesses

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Piyush Kumar

Can you tell me more about the first one?

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Antonio Radovcic

At work I'm working front-end on

At home I'm practising the live version of "Neon" by John Mayer on guitar. Fingerpicking/slapping-insanity! I got the main run down, now singing at the same time is the harder part.

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Walace Silva • Edited

I'm working on a side project, it's a Saas to health care. There is many things to do still.

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Bashayr Alabdullah

For now I just taking penetration testing labs

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Jonathan Kuhl

Working on two things right now:

  1. Finishing a game:
  2. Working through Nand2Tetris, week 1.