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What are you currently learning?

Oyetoke Toby
Just a software engineer trying to make ends meet. My passion for Python and JavaScript is nothing to compare.
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Eli Bierman

I’m learning HAProxy now. It’s a load balancer that you can put in front of websites and APIs. I’ve used Nginx for that for a long time, but HAProxy’s configuration feels more intuitive and readable to me. It’s super flexible and learning how to configure it for different situations is helping me learn more about networking in general too.

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Not much to be fair. I've been messing around on social media. 😳😊

What are you learning? (I see python/js).

Subbed your yt. 5 more to 1k. 👍

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Oyetoke Toby Author

Learning how to create and edit videos. Wanna try it for some months.

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Yeah, very handy skill.

What software?

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Damola Adekoya

Cloud (develop and deploy) GCP and deep learning (pytorch)

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Dima Udod • Edited

Dokku :)

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Luis Gomez

I'm learning "Asterisk is an open source framework for building communication applications" and using Crystal lang to create a mini call center web app to do and manage customer phone calls