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The exact definitions and responsibilities of these roles can vary from company to company, but generally:

  • UX/UI Designer - This refers to "User Experience" and "User Interface" designer. People in this role should have training in disciplines like usability, human-computer interaction, information architecture, graphic design, and more. The output of this role is typically files from a drawing program such as Visio, Sketch, Illustrator, or Photoshop.
  • UX/UI Developer - I haven't seen this combination before, as typically you are either a UX/UI Designer or a Developer, but smaller companies might have one person filling both roles.
  • Frontend Developer - Technically the "frontend" of an app is the user interface used to access the backend (server), which means an iOS or Andriod app qualifies as a "frontend." However, "frontend" tends to be used to mean a "web frontend," where you are using technologies based in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Thanks to technologies Electron and ReactNative, now "web frontend" encompasses desktop apps and native mobile apps.
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