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How to Make HTTP Requests In React

oyetoket profile image Oyetoke Toby ・1 min read

We often make HTTP requests to an API endpoint or server to get data, for instance, user data, using various methods. This is a common task in web development, and in this video, I will be showing you how to do that.

We'll be using Indreed API in this video, which is a free job search as a service built on Python.

There are many ways to send HTTP requests either using the native Javascript APIs or using a library that reduces the steps you take to send a request with the native API.

Lets get started...


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Your work is good but the video is too long to discuss these topics.


Well, these videos are targeted at new react devs and I really can't speed up the coding.


Great idea, but if you provide the source code for beginners that's will be very good to save and understand it.

good job my friend :)