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re: I've not done a ton of static sites, but so far I'm liking Middleman. It seems like a "Jekyll Lite" to me. The documentation is pretty good as well.

Middleman, been hearing that guy. How's the experience

I have a ruby and Rails background, so it felt pretty natural to me. It uses a similar pipeline for assets, which is becoming outdated, but it still works and it's dead simple.

I like that the static site movement has forced me to think more "simple" about things. Having a plethora of XaaS providers to lean on (headless CMS, JS based shopping carts, etc) for common things has helped as well.

I used <iddleman, and then I jumped on the bandwagon and built my own pipeline with Webpack. A year or so after that I went back to Middleman and its as you say.

Sprockets may be considered outdated, but it does everything I need and its dead simple to get working.

So I ask myself this, Would you rather write Markdown or Haml?

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