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Discussion on: Which is the Best Static Site Generator and Why?

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If I make a 50K page static site with constantly updating content (I like every page to change content to some degree as often as possible) & 50+ new pages (posts) a day will there be any issues with constant redeployment (I am assuming that is all handled)?

I'm unfortunately not the right person to answer that well. I did use movable type in the bad old days, but not for anything of the scale you're describing.

But my guess is that static site generation wouldn't be a great fit for this -- not having to rebuild and redeploy frequently is a big advantage of CMSs. And using a page cache will give you most of the benefits of serving static pages.

This article, if you haven't seen it, looks pretty comprehensive:

...but if you're below 1s then I'd guess you're aware of what they bring up.

And in general, I'd definitely recommend profiling, to whatever extent is possible. I know there are plugins for profiling WP page rendering performance. If you can do something on the db side as well, that'd probably cover everything except the speed of the host itself.

scale/speed of actual publishing

If by that you mean the publishing workflow makes you jump through hoops, maybe it's worth looking into adding something like and writing a tool that lets you publish from the command line.

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For someone who claims to not know much, this is interesting reading & ideas (not just for me). Appreciate it. 👍

I have fast host/front end & the db stuff I can deal with. API UI is interesting.

Workflow goal is to make WP publish more like twitter but higher quality xdevice.

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Ryan Collins

Do you have a website to share with a <1s page load? And any pointers for Wordpress? My sites only get in the 80s with Google's Page Insights tool and I'm also looking for ways to speed it up. :-)