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How to reduce your redux boilerplate by up to 80% - reduxios

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reduxios- Reduce your redux boilerplate by 80% in 4 simple steps

This library provides utility functions specifically for handling reducers and actions related to data fetching which helps to decrease redux data fetching code by about 80%


npm install reduxios
# or
yarn add reduxios

Example Usage in 4 simple steps

  • Generate the helper with the basename for action types
import { reduxios } from "reduxios";

export const booksStoreFetcher = reduxios<Book[]>("FETCH_BOOKS");
  • Create the Reducer, which will handle various Fetch states. It takes the initial data as an argument
export const booksReducer = booksStoreFetcher.createReducer([]);
  • Makes the action hook for Fetching your data or calling the API.
import axios from "axios";

export const useFetchBooks = () => {
  return booksStoreFetcher.useResource({
    axiosInstance: axios, // This can also be an axios instance created
    method: "get",
    url: "/books"
  • Use the action hook and state in your component. No need to dispatch the action.
const BooksList: FC = () => {
  const fetchBooks = useFetchBooks();
  const { data, fetchState, axiosErrorResponse } = useSelector(
    (state: RootState) => state.books

  useEffect(() => {
  }, []);

  return (
      <h1>My Book List</h1>
        { => (
          <Book key={} book={book} />

That's it! No need to manually write out action creators, type declarations, reducers and data fetching attempt/success/failure/reset handling. You get everything out of the box!

Want More Detailed Explanation?

Check the Github Repository here

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