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Oxy Proxy Manager - a Simple Proxy Management App for Android

oxy proxy manager

Oxy Proxy Manager is a free proxy app that allows you to add, edit, and manage proxies from any proxy provider. All the essential proxy session features are available at hand.

Why should you use it?

Simple & quick
You can manage multiple social media accounts, access websites that would otherwise be blocked, and change your geolocation. With a one-click connection, you can add an unlimited number of proxies and switch between multiple IPs.

switching multiple ips

Works with any proxy provider
Save time by NOT jumping through various settings and menu options on multiple platforms. You can have all of your proxies in one place. Oxy Proxy Manager app works with any proxy provider of your choice.

works with any proxy provider

Works on all the latest Android versions
The app works on all the latest Android versions (Android 5 and up) without the need to root your device.

proxy manager works with android

Light-Dark mode support
Nothing major, but still nice to have.

Try it yourself

Visit Google Play store to install the app, add your proxies, and choose the preferred proxy to connect to the internet. That’s it.

If you don’t want to use the app, you can find the same functions using the Oxy Proxy Extension for Chrome on your PC.

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