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How To Protect Your Brand?

Are you wondering how to protect your brand? Well, this post will help you find your way.

It’s not a secret that taking care of a brand's reputation isn’t an easy task. Plenty of counterfeits seek to lay their hands on ideas, products, and creative works that aren’t theirs. To protect a company’s good name, you have to scan loads of websites worldwide, combat geo-restrictions and IP blocks. Sounds harsh, right? Proxies and specialized scraping tools are here to help. They'll get you to the desired content anywhere on earth and keep you safe from unwanted IP bans.

Challenges you may face:

  • Property protection
  • Scalability
  • Restricted geo-locations

Uplift your brand protection operations

With our scraping solutions, your day-to-day brand protection routine will go smoothly and bear fruit. You can monitor the web on a large scale and access as many resources as you need to secure your intellectual property.

Monitor on a large scale

Counterfeits and unauthorized products are multiplying every day, threatening a brand’s reputation and profitability. If you want to detect fraud before it’s too late, you should keep track of countless websites worldwide. Luckily, it’s doable with our proxies and scraping tools.

Possible risks

The number of illegal replicas and fakes keeps growing. Multiple counterfeits are sold widely on various e-commerce sites all over the globe. If you have trouble monitoring all these numerous marketplaces on a large scale, the chances are you can’t secure a brand's reputation properly.

How can we help?

With our E-Commerce Scraper API, detecting counterfeit is a sure thing. You can scan as many e-commerce sites as you need and even more. You’ll easily manage the scale of monitoring and access content in any corner of the world. With low to no block rates, you’ll stop counterfeiting right on time.

Gather data from dynamic targets

Monitoring multitudes of web pages is already tough, but what if, in addition, these pages dynamically render their content? This is a whole other level that requires advanced tools. With this in mind, we designed an AI & ML-based solution to handle even the most complex targets.

Possible risks

Dynamically loaded sites, torrents, movies, and illegal streams are especially hard to scrape and monitor. Moreover, many e-commerce platforms constantly change their layouts. If you can’t access this content, you risk missing counterfeit products parasitizing your brand.

How can we help?

With the help of our AI-powered tools, such as E-Commerce Scraper API, you can monitor counterfeit products sold on any e-commerce site. No matter the complexity of your target, the ML-based Adaptive Parser feature will adjust to any website changes. As a result, you can effectively prevent fraud.

Access geo-restricted content

Copyright infringers sell unauthorized products and services worldwide. To stay on top of them, you should monitor web pages in different countries. However, there’s always a chance to stumble on geo-restricted content. Proxies are what you need to get there.

Possible risks

Most websites can detect your location based on your IP address. If the content you’re trying to access is geo-restricted, you’ll be rejected. In this case, it’s getting hard to guarantee 100% brand security. If you want to be aware of every potential counterfeit danger, you should opt for proxy servers.

How can we help?

When you choose Oxylabs, you get access to a datacenter proxy network covering 188 locations.  With a 99.9% uptime, you can track down any illegal activity violating your brand anywhere in the world. With our proxies, you can no longer fear malicious actors taking advantage of your intellectual property.

E-Commerce Scraper API or Datacenter Proxies for brand protection

E-Commerce Scraper API

Using this robust web scraping tool, you can get up-to-date data from any e-commerce website worldwide with a 100% success rate*.

  • Save resources and time by automating data collection
  • Choose a reliable and highly adaptable tool
  • Access any website regardless of its location

Added benefits of E-Commerce Scraper API

  • 100% delivery

Unique infrastructure guarantees 100% success rates*

  • Data from challenging sources

Delivery from the most complex targets

  • Zero maintenance

Minimize the number of IP blocks and CAPTCHAs

* Pay only for pages with a response status code 200 with a body text containing "status": "done".

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter Proxies are a perfect fit for brand protection services. They help scan the web to detect illegal content.

  • Choose one of the most stable dedicated proxies on the market
  • Easily access up to 188 locations worldwide
  • Reliable resources to ensure brand protection

Added benefits of Datacenter Proxies

  • High performance and speed

Perfect solution for brand monitoring and protection

  • High uptime

Reliable solution with 99.9% uptime

  • Worldwide coverage

Access many locations in the world, with city-level targeting

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