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All you need to know about Oxy Proxy Extension

Wanna learn more about the features and benefits of using a Chrome proxy extension? Check out this short post about Oxy Proxy Extension!

proxy extension

Easy proxy management via one click

Oxy Proxy Manager for Chrome is a free Chrome browser proxy extension that has all of the essential proxy session features in your browser. It gives you a chance to simply add and switch between multiple IPs on the go with a simple one-click connection.

oxylabs proxy

Suitable for any proxy provider of your choice

Oxy Proxy Extension for Chrome works with any proxy provider. So, you can enable your proxies and manage proxy settings without having to jump through various menu options. This allows you to utilize all available resources and stick to using only one extension.

Residential proxies

Allows you to easily change Oxylabs Residential Proxy session

As an added bonus to Oxy Proxy Extension users, the proxy changer has an additional feature specifically designed for use with Oxylabs Residential Proxies. With it you can change Oxylabs Residential Proxy session without editing your user name.

Added benefits of Oxy Proxy Extension

  • Helps avoid IP blocks and bans
    Lock your IP address to maintain the same session and avoid IP blocks

  • Allows to add unlimited number of proxies
    Add an unlimited number of proxies from any proxy provider of your choice

  • Works with main proxy types and protocols
    Easily switch between any proxy type or HTTP(S) and SOCKS protocols


Using a Chrome proxy extension is a great solution for those looking to improve their browsing experience and easily manage all their proxies. Whatโ€™s particularly useful, it helps to avoid IP bans, ensuring a smooth and effortless scraping process.

So, if youโ€™re still doubting whether you should use a Chrome proxy extension, just try to use one in order to feel the benefits on yourself!

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