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Rust Testing Material

Hey Rustaceans,

We recently published a new repository. A curated list of testing material in the Rust ecosystem. If you know good testing resources for Rust, please feel free to contribute! If you're interested you can also support the initiative by giving us a star!

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🦀A curated list of test material in the Rust ecosystem.

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This repository contains a curated list of testing material in the Rust ecosystem. Feel free to contribute and add your own material.

Rust testing material means any resource in a tangible or electronic format that can be used to work or learn about testing in the Rust ecosystem. It can be distributed through any type of medium such as blogs, talks, repos, books, videos, or audios.

Inspired by @mre's Idiomatic Rust repository.


  • Cucumber - An implementation of the Cucumber testing framework for Rust.
  • Mockito - A library for generating and delivering HTTP mocks in Rust.
  • Nextest - The next-generation test runner for Rust.
  • Proptest - A property testing framework (i.e., the QuickCheck family).
  • Test Case - Provides procedural macro attribute that generates parametrized test instances.
  • Thirtyfour - A Selenium / WebDriver library for Rust, for automated website UI testing.



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