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Bum - Bun Version Manager

A lightning-fast Bun version manager written in Rust. ⚡


Check out the Bum Repo


Getting started with Bum is a breeze. Follow these simple steps to install Bum on your system:

Open your terminal and execute the following command:
curl -fsSL | bash

It will install Bun automatically if you don't have one.

Bum supports both Linux x86_64 and Darwin x86_64 (Mac OS) - For now.
To determine your system architecture, you can run uname -ms in your terminal.

After the installation is complete, restart your terminal, or run the appropriate command to reload your shell configuration:

For Zsh users:
source ~/.zshrc
For Bash users:
source ~/.bashrc

Now if everything done properly, you can start using Bum from your terminal.

Getting Started

Familiar with NVM? if yes, then you will be able to use Bum immediately.

.bumrc File: If you have a .bumrc file in your project directory, Bum will automatically use the version specified in that file when you run bum use without specifying a version.

I do this project as part of my free time, still many exciting improvements to be made.

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Rodrigo Isaias Calix • Edited

Hello! Welcome to DEV!

Interestin project, so with Bum I can install different Bun versions and also switch between versions?

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Ryan Owen Thionanda • Edited

I think both are different things, Bun package manager built for installation of dependency.
Bum manage your Bun version

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Rodrigo Isaias Calix

Yup I've got confused initially but then I edited my message, haha.

Thread Thread
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Ryan Owen Thionanda

Right haha, and yeah spot on!