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Ovidiu Miu
Ovidiu Miu

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Unexpected tags retrieved from the api

I played a bit with the api and retrieved a list of tags.

The API docs says that the endpoint response "will return tags ordered by popularity", so I wanted to find out what are the top 100 most popular tags (

I was surprised to find 3 unexpected tags (at least for me): latestnigerianewslat, southafricanews, bánnhàmặttiền

Tried to see if they appear in the app's tags suggestions dropdown, but they don't show up. (not event if searching by them)

I'm curious what's up with them. Is this an API issue or am I ignorant?

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Peter Franken • Edited on

Impossible to say without a timeframe, information about the other tags posted during that time, or any historical data to compare this data against.

If those are the 100 most popular tags posted within a timeframe during which only 100 were posted in total, it only takes 1 of each to end up in that list!

Also the tags you see on the website are probably weighted towards your interests or location.

Either way, go Nigerians, Suid Afrikaners, and Vietnamese (if Google got that right :P)!

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Ovidiu Miu Author

I agree about the need of a timeframe in order to better understand what's happening. Unfortunately, the api doesn't provide anything like this.