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FAB Analysis for an effective delivery management operations

Successful transportation companies are feeling difficult to run their business nowadays. If they follow their traditional delivery process nowadays, then they have a chance to lose their clients. People are updating their businesses with emerging technologies and mobile application's rule all the industries now. If the companies are using this Delivery Management Software, then they will not miss any customers. Transportation companies should analyze the importance of this software, and they can buy it to enjoy the benefits of this software.

Mobile Applications

When customers open the mobile application after installation, they are able to create a user account easily with their smart-phone. The customers also have an option to link their social media profiles with this user account. After this, the consumers agree on the terms and conditions that they must comply at all given time. Then, there is a secure verification of consumers through a one-time password(OTP). After completing all these steps, a unique customer id will be created for each user.

Operating Practices

When the delivery is allotted for the fleet, they have to reach the warehouses and use the company stickers, covers, and boxes for packaging. The shipment is transported through multiple sorting centers and it will reach the delivery hub on before the estimated time. The last-mile delivery partner picks up the shipment from the hub and delivers it to the customer. Logistics company gets the amount from clients, and they provide a fixed salary and variable incentives for their employees. The drivers complete the assigned tasks, and they will get a commission for each delivery task.

Attractive Features

The creative designs of this delivery application are unique, and the business owners prefer to this application with their friends and partners. This application provides multiple payment options for customers to avail of the services. The software has 'book now' and 'book later' features where the user can either instantly book their delivery task or postpone the delivery at customer convenience. This delivery tracking software has a real-time tracking system through GPS in order to give the dispatch on-time to the consumers. In addition, The logistics partner and delivery boys get benefits by optimizing their routes with the latest technologies.


Delivery management software has two major purposes. It adds quality in delivery operations and gives an option for riders to get a solid income. This software is available to various users who are using smartphones with different operating systems such as Android and iOS. It is compatible with all the devices such as a personal computer, laptop, smart-phone, and tablet devices. This software has many user-friendly features and it is available in multiple languages to fulfill the needs of millions of customers.


Delivery dispatch software eases the delivery process and it has an automated workflow. It communicates with the drivers and consumers about the real-time updates. Information from the software improves the satisfaction of consumers. Once the customers are satisfied, then the company will retain them for the long term business. The business operator has direct access to the data recorded from the customer requests and the rider's movement. He can monitor the delivery operations with these pieces of information. Thus, the delivery management software makes the delivery operations efficient.

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