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Oussama Louelkadi
Oussama Louelkadi

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What's the best toast/notification package to use in Nuxt 3?

I'm wondering what's the best toast/notification package that can be used in my Nuxt 3 App working fine. if you have tried some of the libs/packages with Nuxt 3. please share the doc with me.


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Darren Bennett

NuxtLabsUI under notifications.

Flowbite have been using this with Nuxt + Tailwind with nice results.

Element Plus. Not tried yet but looks ok and is listed on the Official Nuxt3 Modules.

Ant Design Vue. iirc Ant Design works on the main Vuejs team plus the Vite team.

If you want a better idea of what modules have been updated recently i use the Nuxt3 Modules site or the Nuxt3 devtool which allows u to install a lot of components easily.

All the best!

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Oussama Louelkadi

Thank you so much @dazeb this will help a lot.
I appreciate it