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Be more productive πŸš€, less robotic πŸ€– when inbox need too much attention

I worked in a french company that is using iTop internally.
This project was born out of a specific need which hinted at the possibility of a much more open and generic case.

A company may face this problem:

How to manage an interoperability of services with others based solely on mails ?

At first they were using 'incoming mail' embedded module. Defined by Combodo/iTop as "This extension runs in the background to scan the defined mail inbox(es) and either create or update tickets based on the content of the incoming emails".

With the old solution (Incoming Mail):

  • Identification is very limited and restricted
  • It is mandatory to create IMAP files for each task
  • Scanner actions are limited to simple operations

Hermes offers a complete solution to what iTop/Incoming Mail cannot provide. A better way to identify mail and a more versatile way to react to it.

There is absolutely no need to know how to code in order to get started.

Right now, it is available in french only. It is open source and free to use. This project is "i18n ready", that mean it can be translated as easily as iTop was. That does not mean it is not translatable by Google.

It is as easy as typing docker-compose up in shell to get started !

Every contribution and feedbacks are welcome.
Project available on GitHub :

If needed, "Google-provided" english translation

Web UI

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