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How It’s Going

timilehin08 profile image Timi Bello ・2 min read

Another week in Our Time for Tech has gone by. In the past week, we had a variety of discussions as regards the development process.

First, we had to stop the use of the Devise Gem and the reason was that as we worked further on different features of the App, it was seen (with our Senior Engineers’ help) that it is too complex to fit into the needs of our App. This caused us to have another version of the App on the GitHub repo, of which everything has been running smoothly so far.

This also taught me that;

“Just because something is popular doesn’t mean that it’s going to fix your current project.” - Arit

Additionally, we decided to reduce our App’s MVP by removing the worker-slots feature which allows businesses to alert workers as regards their availability which is specific for upcoming shifts. The removal of this feature was because working on this is far more complex for the time we have which is now less than 7 weeks, including QA(Quality Assurance/smoke testing) and User feedback.

Furthermore, I learned how important it is to document/write down your progress in whatever you’re learning as it helps you to communicate effectively what you’ve done, which is a vital skill for a developer.
We were also advised and told of the importance of keeping our PRs(Pull Requests) small due to its efficiency and how it makes reviews easier. Everybody likes Small PRs while Long PRs are not liked as they are known to stay for a long time.

Currently, we’re all working on the UI styling of the App of which we are using SASS and Bootstrap which gives us readable code. In advance, I’m excited about how the guide on using the MiniTests Library is going to look like. As promised by Arit, a collaboration is ongoing with her and Chris Oliver Of GoRails in creating the guide for the testing of the App.

I’m also glad about how my team and I (now 4 of us) have improved on collaborating, communicating more effectively, and growing together.

Some Noteworthy points I learned in the past week:

“It’s great to be comfortable with uncertainty”.
“Uncertainty is something that’s part of a developer’s life.”
“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”
“Assume best intentions when giving and receiving feedback.”

I’m looking forward to more learning and excited to see where we go from here. Thanks for reading!

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Arit Amana

Very astute observations and lessons! Thank you for sharing!

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Timi Bello Author

Thank you so much!😊