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Voice search in eCommerce

Ottomatias Peura
Building developer tools for blending voice to touch screen applications.
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Search is a very important component for many apps and services and especially so in eCommerce.

Voice offers many unique features that are not possible by using more traditional approaches, such as:

  • Learn the language your users are using of your products
  • Accessibility benefits for people who have difficulties using keyboard and mouse
  • Support users on the go
  • Intuitive user experience
  • No need to clutter the UI with filters

Speechly is a developer tool for improving user experience with voice user interfaces and we created a demo showcasing how voice would work in a fashion eCommerce setting.

You can try the demo here.

Would be great to hear your thoughts! Would you use voice when browsing eCommerce sites? How would you improve the experience?

You can see a demo video of the experience below.

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adam_cyclones profile image
Adam Crockett

Hey that's cool! I had been thinking about voice assistance for administrative purposes in for example comerse systems. That would be cool.