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re: 📈 I've open-sourced a simple Coronavirus (COVID-19) dashboard (React + Chart.js + BootstrapTable) VIEW POST

re: nice job! can you add a filter by continent? it's interesting expose the worst country of the continent by fatalities rate.

You can get a more detailed view of corona here if you like:

Can you tell if there's a free API to use with that?

Theres a json with all the informations inside -
So you should be able to consume that data.
I don't know which restrictions exists.

Though this app ( is UX/UI-friendly, data are outdated. Take caution when using it. At the moment I am writing this, The global situation is 1,503,900 confirmed from here but from their site.
Another test, the situation in the DRC is 207 from this other source but 180 from our beautiful

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