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Learn Redis Or How DevOps Had To Do Back-End Work

Welcome dear reader, I am Silent-Mobius, AKA Alex M. Schapelle, your devoted mechanical puppet that will lead with example of going through the learning of new topic.

As part of trying to understand back-end developers suffering, I have devised a plan to embark onto journey of building python based micro-service application with local development on docker-compose and stage/prod deployment to Kubernetes with helm chart.

Yet, all that we already know how to do. What is missing database interaction, which I would like to get better at. Thus I have decided to learn Redis and to develop with it my home page application on : My Web-Site

As mentioned I have a plan that looks like this:

Learn Redis With Project Description
Project Create architecture
Application Create application and Version control
Database Learn basics of Redis and implement with application
Micro Services Set all local development env with docker-compose
Migration to K8S Setup k8s manifests and generate helm chart

This will be for starters. Hope that this makes you hyped as I am at the moment. Thus follow my example and do try to have some fun.

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Ant(on) Weiss

Looking forward to see what you learn!