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🛍 E-Commerce Store with Nuxt, Netlify Functions, Tigris Cloud and Stripe

Interested in Tigris but not sure how to get started? 🤔 Try one of our starter apps! 💻

You can find the sample app on our Github

This is forked from sdras/ecommerce-netlify.

We have made the e-commerce site dynamic by using Tigris as the backend and also added search capability. Tigris is responsible for storing the product catalog and providing querying and search capabilities. It is integrated with Netlify Functions.

Demo site is here: E-Commerce Store

screenshot of site

⚙️ Deploying the site

All you need is a GithubNetlify and Tigris account (sign up for a free account). Now, Hit "Deploy" and follow instructions to deploy app to your Netlify account.

Deploy to Netlify

📖 Building & Running locally


  1. Tigris installed on your dev computer
  2. Netlify CLI installed on your dev computer

    npm install netlify-cli -g
  3. Node.js version 16+


  1. Install dependencies

    npm install
  2. Start Tigris local development environment

    tigris dev start
  3. Run the app server locally with hot reload to preview your site

    netlify dev

🎉 All done. Feel free to play around. 🎉

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