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The easiest way to create billables

Oscar Franco
Software Engineer and Indie Hacker
・1 min read

Filling your hours at the end of the month is a task on it’s own, but why?

If you are a white-collar worker in today’s world, your work centers around computers, all your work is already recorded and stored in some shape, yet, some of the old processes are still stone age, one of these is filling work reports.

In my previous companies and when working as a freelancer, this task was always delayed and left at the end, but in the end it still needs to be done. The end of the month would become a nightmare for the entire company as people rushed to fill the hours to bill the clients.

So here is a better solution, for the XXI century, it’s called Numbra.


Numbra’s premise is simple, connect your day to day systems and get ready to go reports.

Currently the product is focused for developers and software teams, the two available integrations are with Github (import your commits for the day) and Google Calendar (import your daily meetings), this already provides a solid foundation to for you to present your billables to your client.

Of course, you can export the data, either to a PDF or CSV file, but the beauty of it lies in the automation of the process.

Numbra is currently in MVP phase and it is completely free to use, sign up and leave some feedback! You can help shape the future of the product!

Go to and sign up now!

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