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Streamline Your React Development: Visualize Component Insights in VS Code

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Hi! Are you tired of digging through your React or Nextjs project to understand its component structure? Have you found yourself looking for where a component is used? Do you want to know how many components are in a file or folder or how many hooks were used within your component file? Say goodbye to the hassle and welcome a smoother development experience with our latest VS Code extension for your React and Nextjs projects. With its array of features, you can now gain comprehensive insights into your project's components effortlessly.

Let's delve into what this extension offers:

  1. Component Count:

Get the knowledge of how many components there are in a folder

  1. File-Level Component Analysis:

Find out precisely how many components reside within each file, enabling you to navigate and manage your codebase more effectively.

  1. Component Dependency Analysis:

Understanding how components interact is crucial. The extension identifies the number of times a component is utilized by other components and provides links to the files where these connections occur. Say hello to seamless navigation through your project's dependencies.

  1. Hooks Identification:

Hooks are the backbone of React development. With this extension, you can easily identify all hooks used in a component file.

  1. Refresh Functionality:

Keep your component insights up-to-date with just a click of a button. The refresh functionality ensures that you're always working with the latest information.

  1. Filter Options:

Tailor your view to suit your needs by toggling "show only component files" and "show only components" toggles. These features help you see a list of all component files or just components therefore helping focus and navigate to what is most important

With these features at your fingertips, navigating and understanding your React or Nextjs project has never been easier. Say goodbye to cumbersome searches and hello to streamlined development workflows.

Ready to revolutionize your React development experience? Download the VS Code extension today and see all components while coding your React project like never before.

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To add to the features above, and further improve the extension, below is a link to the Github repository. Please feel free to make a pull request, contribute, raise an issue, and fork the repository.

link to source code

Happy coding!

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