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Shyam Mohan Kunwar
Shyam Mohan Kunwar

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Wrapping Up 2020 With These Tips

2020 is about to end, and as the nature of law suggests every ending comes with a new beginning..!

2021 is about to start in less than an hour.

Most of the people already started to do parties (following COVID-19 Norms), waiting for the exact moment to send wishes to their loved ones, etc.


This is my first blog post and it is related to you, us, and each individual working so hard to create or contribute to a better future, this is not much technical but reading this will definitely change perspective.

I just want to say a big thank you for the awesome people and developer community out here, it feels like I'm writing to my family.

This is my small wish and message to all of you amazing people.

Back to the pre-COVID era where Industries, Companies, and the whole world was running very smoothly but one microscopic virus changes the whole system.

The whole world is affected by COVID-19, Many of us lost our loved ones, families faces financial crisis, and so on so forth.

But apart from these, we are still alive and breathing right now, that is the most precious gift we should appreciate and thank god.


If we look a bit at 2020, The year itself teaches us a lot:

  • It teaches us to love ourselves and our family i.e nothing is permanent.

Just think about the child who lost his mom and he can't do anything or the father who lost his child in this pandemic, There are so many stories like that.

  • Aim is to take out time and hang out with family and friends, whoever you think he/she should be.

we don't have much time, our time is limited, invest in a good way for a good cause.

  • Admire yourself
    You are a good person, you help others and you got help in unexpected ways.

  • Keep Yourself Fit and Healthy
    As the year comes to end and the new year arrives, Most of us will make resolutions, but please don't just make resolutions keep them in work-life too.

If you want to go to the gym just do that, if not,Do at home, and make yourself fit.

The goal is to make yourself fit from body and mind in every possible aspect.

  • Healing is essential

Wrapping Up

In the end, I just want to say that

Dear 2020, Thank you for the year which taught us so many things..!

You've taught us the goal, the goal is not to be rich nor to be famous but it is to be happy 😊 and live in the present and enjoy every bit of it.

The goal is to spend time with family and make them happy and care for each other..!

Thank you for reminding us that we've to care and love mother earth 🌎,
2020 isn't the year to hate but the year to learn and appreciate the value of life.. ❤️🙌

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