whats your web feature pet hate ?

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my pet hate of the week is fake (or are they just badly written) "sign up with" oauth sites that then ask you for your email and password !

obvs does not apply to codepen & devto signed in with no problem

pet hates (in no particular order)

  • oauth
    • ask you for another email and another password
    • that want to update your profile and account settings
    • that want to tweet as you
  • infinite scroll
  • autoplay music or videos

any more ?

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Websites with two-to-ten words visible when you first visit, and you have to wait for an animation to complete for the privilege of scrolling down a full page-length in order to read the next two-to-ten words. Any actual content will be buried in some sort of context menu on a different page.

Why? I get the animations to some degree, but I do not understand why modern web design has trended towards sparse-to-useless.


Labels of online form inside the input field that disappear when you start typing. I really don't get why you would hide so important information. 😠

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