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howto make the DEVTO community even friendlier

osde8info profile image Clive Da ・1 min read

how about moderators sending a warning email FIRST and NOT removing tags thereby giving the POSTer a chance to edit their post

then if POSTer refuses to comply THEN forcefully removing the tag they didnt like


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Hi Clive, I am going to give you my personal view of the matter for the sake of a healthy discussion. But if this is prompted by any particular action that you disagree with, I would encourage you to discuss it with the pertinent moderator.

What you suggest would make sense if removing tags was some sort of punishment, but it isn't. Tags are meant to help organise the content in the community. As such, tag moderators add and remove tags based on whether the content fits the guidelines or not.

Presumably, if you've published an aricle it's because you want it published that way. If you wanted to say other things, you would have done so. What we do when we add or remove a tag is to help make the article fit where it should be. We are not here to edit content but to organise it.

Therefore, it doesn't make sense that we should tell users to change the content of their articles. They can write about whatever they want. We are not here to tell people to change the content of their articles but to help put them in their right category.

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Andrew Brown πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

I'm a mod for the #aws and #cybersecurity channel.

My approach is as you describe, I will find a way to reach out before taking action. However my tags are low traffic, so I think for higher traffic tags such as #javascripts #webdev and #beginners the volume of articles they have to moderate and the amount of mis-tagging would be undue burden for those mods to personally reach out with a warning or provide helpful tips to realign posts to that tags requirements.

What you have asked has been brought up in mod group discussions, but we have yet to come up with the mod feature that can make that part of the user experience better dealing with preemptively removing tags.

Also every mod has a different personality so maybe they were too proactive with their modding. Do me a favour and send me a personal message here on DEV which tag was removed and I'll bring it up with the mod group.

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Vicente G. Reyes

I'm a mod for #beginners, #python & #django.

Recently, @codemouse92 and I updated the guidelines for the #beginners tag in order for the tag to have beginner-friendly articles. The core DEV team also added a feature that reminds each author to read the rules before using each tag associated with a post.

I only remove tags on articles that don't follow rules, or for the #beginners tag, not beginner-friendly.

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Clive Da Author

i wish all the moderators were like you :)