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git naming conventions

Clive Da
open source devops & open source webdev & open source sysadmin
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theres plenty of discussion on DEV.TO about git branch naming and git commit 'commenting' but what about git repo naming ?

my repo names (and forks) are a mess with prefixes and suffixes all over the place

ive tried all sorts of variations of author, site, technology & platform but im not happy with any of them

here are some examples


but all these lock me in !

any ideas ? and any tips for prefixes and suffixes to use for forks so they dont get mixed up with my repos ?

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Der Sascha

We use a Bug releated number or a userstory id to create a brach. With this "convention" it is very easy so identify on what the use is working on. The best on this, this will be non userscoped.

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Matt Curcio

I was talking to old timer a little ago and he suggested something very radical. What he writes notes. He has a notebook he keeps by his desk on items he needs to do or remember. I think he also talked about using codes for his git commits, for example, "worked on error #5" then wrote a small description in his notebook. I suppose you could use a .txt file inside yr git repo too.

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Jim Priest

We use feature/JIRA-123-description-authorinitials-version