Top 10 Ethernet cable hacks

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What is Ethernet?

The ethernet protocol defines the principles by that PCs connected to a local area network (LAN) exchange data packets. the quantity of computers in the network can vary from 2 to several thousand. to connect with one another the computers use a "star" topology. That is, all devices (PCs) are interconnected by suggests that of a switch - active network equipment.

The physical transmission medium for ethernet protocol is a cable. most frequently it's a copper twisted pair, a fiber optic cable, or their combination when it comes to FTTx. RJ-45 is employed as a connector for an eight-core (2x4) twisted pair. The socket for ethernet plug can be the input of any network card in a computer or router. To avoid the loss of signals, the length of a twisted pair cable shouldn't exceed 100 m, whereas a fiber-optic cable ought to be no longer than 10-70 kilometer (depending on its type). the maximum data rates are 100/1000 Mbit/s correspondingly.

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