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Hints for Software Localization Into New Languages

ortoncarrol profile image Carrol orton ・2 min read

The past few years have seen an unexpected growth in the industry of translation & localization services.

In 2017 alone, the industry was already worth billions of dollars, with translation being among the most popular and in demand services.

Language processing driven by artificial intelligence saw a boom as well as the volume of the contents that require translation, including software localization, with more and more companies seeing the sales power of international content marketing.

However, the global market for professional translation services platform is going to get bigger this year and even bigger the next year. The EMEA regions in particular are experiencing this demand, with Protranslate being the leading platform for professional translation services in the area.

But, what is the driving force behind this high demand for localization and translation services? What kind of opportunities will rise for the global organizations?

If you will ask anyone who belongs to the field, they will surely tell you that there is no way for them to predict what will happen next. The only thing that can be done for now is to observe the current trends and how they might alter the way people look at translation services in the next coming years. It is not really a big surprise that Protranslate has now become the number one translation service platform in the EMEA region.

One of the top benefits of working with a proper localization / translation service provider is quality control on the translation.

People often have the misconception that a person who can speak two languages is already qualified enough for translating between them. What they fail to realize is that translation is actually a skill that requires comprehensive studying of cultures and languages together with long years of experience in order to convey the meaning of a language to the next one.

As hard as it is to look for high quality and reliable translators, the struggle only doubles if there are specialized texts that should be localized within tight deadlines. Professional translators have the necessary procedures right in place to ensure feedback and stringent quality management. All texts should be proofread by one or more other professionals following the first translation and the project of managers of the agency will track reliability and performance.

Another obvious advantage of working with a professional localization service provider is that they make things so much easier for you compared to looking for the right translators for the projects you have all on your own. As a reputable agency, Protranslate is working with a large pool of expert translators, sometimes based in-country in order to stay updated with all the newest developments in linguistic and culture.

Instead of having to start over with new and unfamiliar collaborators, the biggest asset of Protranslate is their existing roster of the most trusted and reliable professionals.

While it is true that there are plenty of other similar services out there, there is no denying that Protranslate is and will always be the best not only in the EMEA regions as they might also conquer the rest of the world soon.


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