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If I tell you that the proportion who use the internet has risen 85% from 1997 to 2020, it may not surprise you. The Internet and social media have become an addiction and a necessity for everyone, regardless of age. With so many people in the world using the internet, the topic of honesty is raised frequently.

As a committed marketer, I would not be so without telling my opinion about exactly my field - marketing. Marketing can be defined and understood as the activities one does to reach the audience, as well as increase the visibility of the company. The work involves recognizing the needs of the audience and giving them exactly what they need through our products and services.

Since reaching out to customers plays a huge role, the way you decide to approach them has also great importance therefore carrying your message with honesty and integrity plays a major role. The importance of this is great and it is therefore important to carry out their work in an honest way, by using social media for an honest purpose.

If the hashtag #SOMEIT does not make perfect sense, the point is to be what one pretends to be. SoMe is the abbreviation for social media and is the inspiration for #SOMEIT. If you post it on SoMe, so be (Me) it.

Tell the truth
As a company, you will always want to deliver fantastic results and mastery to gain more followers, but it is important for us in Ornio to distinguish between what is truth and what is a facade. It is a well-known fact that social media is adorned with facades and glossy images of everyday life, regardless of whether it is individuals or companies, success can come to anyone - regardless. Nevertheless, we want to market ourselves for the company we are. So when using social media, the goal is to market our business by sharing our journey and creating relationships in an honest way.

Is being an honest Business the recipe for success? Both yes and no. The benefits of using social media are many, including increasing visibility, gaining insight and increasing loyalty. By providing sincere information about the benefits we provide, as well as the values ​​we stand for, we will have followers who share the same opinion that we share in our posts. It is these followers we create content for, and will share our journey with through various blog posts and SoMe posts. It is also worth mentioning that not all visibility is good visibility. Ornio wants to create interest and commitment for people who have the same interests and values ​​as us, and it is this visibility our goal is.

We want to post what is important to us and the values ​​we stand for, and through this honesty we will get the supporters who motivate us to continue with the work we do. This openness also involves feedback from our supporters, and channels that are open to dialogue. We want to connect with our community and give them the feeling of sincerity. It is therefore important for us that our supporters know that there are people behind the posts, not just preconstructed data that only looks for the results.

In conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all companies to use the hashtag #SOMEIT, to front honestly for companies on social media. For customers, this is exactly what can be most significant.


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