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Alex Rudenko
Alex Rudenko

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Feature proposal: peer review of posts before publishing

I am working on a new post slowly. And I always feel like something that I write might not be clear enough or fail to address important questions. Therefore, I thought that it would be cool if offered a possibility to ask for a peer review before the post goes public. I think this could be quite helpful and would increase the usefulness of posts.

And what do you think?

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Joshua Johnson

A peer reviewed article network isn't a bad idea. But many of the discussions that are happening here aren't really scholarly in nature. Maybe what you are asking for can be built into the arrangement algorithm to provide some incentive to be peer reviewed.

What do you think about that?

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Ben Halpern

Yes, 100% agree. Haven't really had the inspiration on how that would fit the product yet.

Suggestions on how it would work, or even the basic MVP, are welcome.

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Alex Rudenko Author

The simplest thing I can imagine is an option to opt-in to review articles before publishing in your profile. Then a post author can ask reviewers to review the draft. Reviewers can accept or ignore the invite, and if they accept (max three can accept), they can read and comment the draft. Once published, the draft comments are removed.