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Discussion on: RESTful without HTTP Verbs

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Alex Rudenko

You can do it without relying on HTTP but you need to follow constraints: In your suggested approach, I see the following broken constraints: Cacheability (you can build your own without relying on HTTP though), Uniform interface (because when you GET a web page in the browser, you should be able to update it with a PUT back). You can achieve uniform interface but, then, I believe your client should not be the browser itself but something running inside the browser. But that's all vague anyway. More important is that you will be building a protocol on top of HTTP, you will not be able to use some the standard tools and conventions.

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Cary Reams Author

Thank you. This is precisely the kind of "what about" comment I was hoping to get

Several ideas working their way through my thoughts right now between your comment and David Zentgraf's, above.