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Discussion on: Throwing code over a different fence

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Alex Rudenko

I like the term SRE a lot. In my opinion, it's less ambiguous than DevOps which few people clearly know what it is :-) At my company we didn't have any DevOps or Operations teams at first. But we had several teams of developers working on different related services. Every team is responsible for the deployment process as well as monitoring. We used to do this for quite a while, but now we clearly see the need in a dedicated team caring about "operations". But I see the responsibilities of such teams as follows:

  • be responsible for shared infrastructure such as, for example, the central logging system, the API gateway etc.
  • develop guidelines and advice the teams on best practices of deployment and monitoring (teams still do it itself and are responsible) and how to use the shared infrastructure. Also providing tools for developers.
  • have more low-level expertise which can help to troubleshoot problems not directly related to the features/product
  • have more focus on general security of the infrastructure and help to keep it up-to-date
  • help the teams to improve the reliability of services over time by adopting best practices
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Gavin Campbell Author

Yes, naming problems aside, I can definitely see the need for a team like the one you describe. Almost all of your bullet points refer to "making it easier for the developers to ship features" which is indisputably a good thing. If the term "support" weren't so tainted, then "Developer Support" might be a good name!