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Why Chatwoot is Unique

The world of technology is one of the most dynamic entities today. Why? We keep on hearing innovations and inventions every once in a while. This leads to an evolutionary reaction where everything from transport to communication keeps on changing for the better.

The field of customer support has been undergoing constant changes since its inception, all thanks to technology. We all have memories of when customer support was more of a cat and mouse game between agents and clients. Back in the day, customer support was a one-sided affair where the company chose when to serve its clients (usually between 9-5 EST).

Perhaps the source of modern customer support can be traced to the invention of the telephone in 1876. Why? The phone meant customers no longer needed to travel long distances for product information or repairs. Since then, customer service and support have undergone numerous changes to be what we see today.

Suppose you wanted to contact a company of your choice today regarding an inquiry on a specific product. Chances are you will get numerous channels to reach service agents. Furthermore, the communication is likely to be prompt and efficient. This is a giant leap compared to what customer service was, say, a decade ago. So what has made this possible? It all boils down to the invention of efficient customer support tools.

Customer support tools are platforms that act as a bridge between the agent and the client.

These platforms’ importance has increased in recent years due to the evolution of customer satisfaction. To put this into context, a recent survey by Hubspot suggests that 93% of clients are likely to make repeat purchases with vendors that offer top customer service.

One of the most efficient customer support tools trusted by more than 1000 companies today is Chatwoot. An open-source project, the platform allows you to connect all your channels and instantly start receiving messages from your clients. So, are you ready to dive into the world of customer support with Chatwoot? Take a read at!

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