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Discussion on: Welcome to Fiber — an Express.js styled web framework written in Go with ❤️

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Oren Mizrahi

How is it compared to expressJS - connections benchmarks-wise ? (i'm sure it is better, but how much better)

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Fenny • Edited on

Plaintext responses per second
Fiber - 6,114,300/s (0 errors) 0.5ms avg latency
Express - 261,708/s (59 errors) 608.9ms avg latency

JSON responses per second
Fiber - 1,212,833/s (0 errors) 0.1ms avg latency
Express - 244,061/s (0 errors) 1.1ms avg latency

20 database queries per request
Fiber - 19,757/s (0 errors) 25.6ms avg latency
Express - 4,259/s (0 errors) 118.4ms avg latency

Keep in mind that these benchmarks are 1 month old and fiber is being updated on a daily basis. Fiber v1.8 will have better performance.

I will update this comment when techempower tested v1.8.

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