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5 JavaScript Animation Libraries You’ll Want On Your Website

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JavaScript animation libraries handle complex animations that quickly create strong visual components. Use built-in properties to add rotations, translations, eases, and reveals to your website within minutes.

We gathered a list of some of the most visually interesting animation libraries that create a strong first impression on the page load.

CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) will be used throughout the article for the sake of quick development, but all of these JavaScript libraries can be downloaded into your project.

Note: We encourage you to spend some time implementing these JavaScript libraries in small sections on your website. If you are too heavy-handed with animations, the user may find the site overwhelming and the animations could look gimmicky.


ScrollReveal is a JavaScript library created by Julian Lloyd. When implemented, the JS library reveals HTML elements as they enter or leave the viewport. Compatible with all major browsers, it is easily added to as many HTML elements as desired.
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The next JavaScript library is Typed.js, a library by Matt Boldt. The library prints out strings of your choice as if you were typing. Like the previous library, Typed.js can be added by downloading the library or using the CDN.
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On to Anime.js. This JavaScript animation library was created by Julian Garnier and operates on Chrome, Safari, IE/Edge, Firefox, and Opera browsers. It can be used to animate a variety of targets including a DOM node, CSS selector, or JavaScript object.
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Evert Timberg is credited as the author of Chart.js, a JavaScript library that allows developers to quickly add charts to your projects. There are 8 charts to choose from and all of it is open-source material. This library is our number one choice for showing clean charts and graphs to users.
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Slick is a handy JS library designed to create carousels with high functionality and minimal effort. Made by Ken Wheeler, Slick is “the last carousel you’ll ever need”.
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