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The ergonomic backspace

TLDR; taken from changing the useless caps-lock key into something useful - backspace.

The space key is the most used key on every keyboard, regardless of intended usage. Fact.

Probably that’s why it looks like a long kitkat bar, made to be difficult to miss I guess.

The way I see it, wasted space. It’s better to have it split and use the other half as some other command (enter, tab or backspace).

Anyway, back on our track. It’s only natural to think about what’s the next likely used key.As it turns out, and you will probably agree, the next most used key is - backspace.

Having used Colemak as an alternative layout, I got the backspace functionality configured instead of the useless caps-lock. I found this little hack remarkable, so much that I ended up changing my home systems to have the same function. What’s cool about it is that you spare your wrist from the constant twitch in order to correct some wrongly typed key.

And unless you’re a super slow typist or a professional data entry clerk, you’re reaching for that right corner key all the time.

The caps-lock position is ideal for the pinky finger. Before I saw this hack, I used the key as Ctrl. It also eases with the constant usage of copy, cut and paste.

If I got your curiosity running, the easiest way to try this is with autohotkey on Windows and Karabiner on MacOS systems. As for Linux, it depends on different window managers and it would require some web search in order to configure it correctly due to many distros and variants.

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