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How to learn Responsive Web Design

I very recently came to realise that there are many people who dont understand the importance of responsive web design. Not every developer understands RWD to its full extent.
In this post i have listed topics to cover and resources to get info allowing you to develop a better understanding on RWD.

I recently read this EBook and found it to be a great place to start. It goes over both basic and complex concepts and modules.
I would suggest that you read this book to lay down some foundation as it also has projects within it.
Once you have a basuc understanding of the topic you can go to github and analyse others code. See how units are being used and how the website it put together. Watch videos on youtube and read threads in communities. Learning from those arounf you is great however the best way to learn is by doing. I would suggest that you take a basic web page and try to make that completely responsive. Whenever you get stuck, ask questions on online forums and try to figure out a solution.

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