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⚖️ Low Code vs. No Code : unleash value while mastering risks ☁️

❔ About

Cigref recently published a report called :

"New Low Code/No Code dev practices : unleash value while keeping risks under control"

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In this post, you'll find some remarkable points.

ℹ️ Remarkable points

  • 💰 Opportunities : it makes it possible to create apps at a very reduced cost
  • 📜 Guidelines and rules to maximize success : help document and implement process standardization (decision tree, HR process, document workflow management,...)
  • 🍝 Urbanization : create a shared responsibility between Information System and end-users

⚖️ Low Code vs. No Code

  • No Code: suited to prototype, create a MVP just by using ready to use components
  • Low Code: Suited to create apps that last longer but that aren't business critic (workflow, web pages,...)

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👮 BUILD & RUN guidelines

  • 📜 Setting a dedicated governance is a prerequisite for a good deployment
  • ⚖️ Define criteria to choose Low vs. No code solutions
  • 💸 Master costs (pay attention to freemium)
  • 🥇 Put the most successful ones under greater control
  • 🏙️ Master urbanization
  • 🛑 Explain where autonomy starts and ends
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Get a dedicated entity at the development side
  • 📊 Setup clear eligibility criteria : "How business critic is the app, how many users,...", "How complex is UI/UX", "How long will the app last"
  • 🔙 Reversibility
  • 🏬 Use APIs by consulting API portfolio or Marketplace

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🔖 Resources

This post is a very (very) condensed version from the original version.
Hopefully you'll be interested in consulting the whole report which has a very rich set of practices, examples and guidelines.

Find below the original content:

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Thomas Hansen

AI and Machine Learning is moving the boundaries. We always used to define ourselves as low-code and not no-code. Today I am not so sure anymore ...

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Thanks for pointing this. I'll look forward if Appsheet for example may embed a ready to use AI to speed-up lowcode dev.

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Adopting Low Code/No Code: Six Fitnesses to Look for

When selecting a no-code/low-code platform, six key fitnesses should be examined: purpose fit, cost fit, ops fit, user fit, use-case fit, and organization fit. The IT team should be heavily involved in this decision as they play a pivotal role in helping citizen developers with platform adoption.

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