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SEO Website Design - How much for this site?

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What would you have charged?

Looking for feedback from professional web designers/developers/agencies...

The site is: https://thickgreen.com

My niche is lawn and landscape company sites. I built and sold a lawn care company b/c I handled its online presence and ran a tight ship.

I feel the SEO on this site is on point and this site looks amazing on all devices, especially desktop although it is a mobile first design.

This site was nothing, like I had literally not started at all until yesterday morning, and now it is 100% done. 16.5 hours of my time went into all this:

What I included:

13 pages (1 being privacy...)

Hosting/Domain -

I paid for the domain and am hosting on our AWS server for 1 year for 'free' since we built the site. $175 per year for domain renewal and hosting after that.


Keywords optimized for each page.

Page titles set for SEO/click through and same for the meta descriptions.

Schema markup for local biz site wide, service pages got appropriate service schema, and review page got aggregate rating.

Page loads in 2.7s per GTMetrix.

All images uploaded with SEO friendly file names, compressed, and alt tags are as they should be for SEO/screen readers.

Every page has 1 H1 tag, no pages share any other H tags with others and H2-H6 are used appropriately site wide.

Other 'online presence' work included:

I don't just hand my clients a 'shell' of a website...

Zoho - Free company emails created and DNS resolved.

Facebook - Corrected/fully populated his business page.

Google My Business - Made it, verified it, and fully populated it minus a video, but I did make a post!

Google Analytics - Fully setup and connected to Search Console.

Google Search Console - all 5 version verified and targeting the US with sitemaps uploaded

Bing Places - Fully setup

Bing Webmaster Tools - Fully setup

Yelp - Created, verified, and fully populated

Google reCAPTCHA v3 on forms...

I made the Google Map for his service area and embedded it on the site.

I also came up with every word on the site. I had very little info from this client to work with...which is normally the case so I am used to that.

He supplied the images, but I ran them through Lightroom and sized them properly before uploading along with other noted image work.

Icons - I customized these from Flaticon and Freepik using my paid subscriptions
Site design - My own custom design I am rolling with after building roughly 50 lawn/landscape websites. This one converts!!!

Not bad for 16.5 hours of my time.

Would honestly love to hear what 'people in the know' think about this site as far as its design and SEO.

I am frustrated beyond belief with businesses that simply can't afford professional web services and fall for these "$300" websites that end up costing a grand and are freaking junk...not to mention they don't include 1/4 of what I included for this client.

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I'm a self taught web designer/developer and SEO. Working with local and nationwide small businesses.


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Anyone! What would you charge for all that work? To me...this is $3,000 worth of work minimum, but it is like pulling teeth to get a client to pay half that.

I am thinking I am attracting clients that 'own jobs' instead of businesses...