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Starting out as a Software Developer

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In this era of fast evolving technology, it is not uncommon to see people nurturing and, often time than none, pursuing interest in programming ecosystem.

Sadly, many at times are caught up by dilemma as regards what to do with the skill they want to learn. For some, it's choosing the right tool to make the dream project come true. This write up is aimed at helping you get started as developer should you fall in either category.

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Who really is a software developer ?

A software developer, or more recently, a coder, is a computing specialist who write codes for many types of software. An example of such softwares is the web browser with wish you're reading this article.

What does a Software Developer do?


Software developers are the creative minds behind software programs, and they have the technical skills to build those programs or to oversee their creation by a team. They create software that enables users to perform specific tasks on computer devices. [1]

From common softwares such as text editors to intricate softwares such as Operating System which we interact with everyday, the software developer employ the use of programming languages to get the job done.

Choosing first programming language

The path of a software developer require one to learn and be able to deliver solution using more than a programming language and choosing the first language to learn can be very challenging.

For one thing, one programming is considered more apt for job at hand than the other regardless of the fact that, technically, any programming language can be used to solve the problem at hand (or implement certain functionality). It all boils down to the programmer's expertise with the language.

A programming language is any of various languages used to passed well defined instruction to the computer

Alt Text
Common programming languages [2]

To choose the first programming language, take time out to honestly answer the following questions

  1. Why do I want to learn computer programming?

  2. Which language is most apt for this?

It's okay if you just want to explore.Python is great option exploration.

Tips and Tricks

Programming concepts could prove very difficult to grasp, the key is to stick to what your are learning. It's usually tempting to drop the language and jump on another. No❗ Stick with it

Another thing is trying to learn several languages concurrently ❗Stick with one, that way, you'll be more productive.

Finally, join a developer community, you'll get to meet with other start ups and professionals, this way you get to learn faster and side by side with like minds.


Surprisingly, the article got longer than expected πŸ˜€

Kudos for taking your time to read it all the way down here .

The truth is Software development require a lot of mental power more than it does, physical.

For effective startup

➑ Clearly define your aim
➑ Learn the most apt language
➑ Avoid learning several language concurrently
➑ Be consistent, stick with the chosen language, build project with it.

Thank you!

Note and Reference

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  2. HTML is not a programming language

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